It is a white or grey colored transparent or translucent viscous liquid. Specifications as per I.S. 381 - 1972 amended 1995 or as per customer's requirement.

Uses : It is used in Soaps & Detergents, Textile, Ceramics, Cements, Foundries, Paper, Welding Electrodes, Dams and Canals, etc.


It is a clear White transparent or translucent liquid.

USES : Paper, Toilet preparations, pharmaceuticals, Adhesives, Cores and Containers, etc.

SODIUM SILICATE-SOLID(Alkaline or Neutral)

It is in the form of glassy lumps of clear White or slightly Greenish colour. For special requirements, particle size as required by the user can be supplied. It is mainly used in construction chemicals. It can be converted into liquid where dissolving facilities are available.

Uses : Solid Glass is used in construction materials.

Mode of Packing

Liquid : In lorry tankers, HDPE, or M.S.Drums.

Solid : In gunny bags/paper bags/HDPE bags or as agreed by the purchaser.

Pot Life : Do not keep open

Expiry : No chemical changes

Safety Measures : It is non-toxic and non-hazardous. Withstands temp. upto 600 deg.C

1. Not to eat.

2. When spilt in eyes, just spray drinking water and it will be washed out. Do not rub.

3. When fallen on clothes, clean it with cold or hot water immediately.