We wish to introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers of injunction moulded components upto 700 grams, with all infrastructure facilities in Kattedan Industrial Area, Kattedan Ring Road, Hyderabad

Throughout the years, we have developed patented products to help our Blue Chip Customers reduce packaging costs and increase filling efficiencies. EMKAY INDUSTRIES is widely recognized as an industry leader in technical, manufacturing, and customer service capabilities.

We currently produce and distribute over 50 different products in assorted shapes, sizes and colors.
Talented and skilled people, industry innovation, and continuous quality improvement & standards make.
EMKAY INDUSTRIES one of Hyderabad's leading Manufacturers of Moulded Plastics.

We are specialized in manufacturing as well as exporting moulds and all kinds of plastic products such as domestic items like buckets-kitchen containers-lunch boxes-cutlery stands-mugs-fruit baskets-bowl tubs- basins-trolleys-stools-teapoy industrial articles like drums of various sizes up to the capacity of 130 liters. We have successfully managed tool transfer programs including full PPAP submission and materials where appropriate.

EMKAY INDUSTRIES core capalibilities Design and manufacture of high volume precision plastic components "Scientific moulding" of high temperature thermoplastic engineering materials. Insert molding, multi-shot and over-moulding processing. Under the hood automotive products and assemblies such as high pressure brake reservoirs. 
EMKAY INDUSTRIES offers a variety of stock products consisting of dispensing fitments, closures, bottles and jars to fit your packaging requirements. Our product line has been developed to meet the packaging industry's standards.

The EMKAY INDUSTRIES manufacturing team continually reviews customer requirements and material specifications to insure proper physical performance properties for your package.

EMKAY INDUSTRIES is a versatile, manufacturing facility capable of processing a wide range of resins including low, medium, and high-density polyethylene, polypropylene, PET, and polystyrene through injection and injection blow moulding processes.

we are the leading manufactures of Household products, Kitchenware products,Industrial articles and Furniture items. We are also manufacturing Blow Moulds viz Hydraullic Puller Moulds, precision Moulds. We do undertake Mould Designing also.

High density polyethylene:
Edible oil, vanaspati: time has changed from loose sale to packaged and branded cooking medium low oxygen permeability of plastic longer shelf life for the products. Currently we are manufacturing HDPE containers from 1litre to 15kg/liters capacity with and without screen printing.

Pharmaceuticals and pesticides:
Non toxic with high chemicals and moisturizers transmission resistance packing has become an important aspect. we have the honour to have supplied to Indian exporter.

Pet perform:
For those whose packing requirements are heve and storage constraints. We also offer stretch blow arrangements at your establishment. For edibleoils, confectinary, foodproducts upto 5 liters.

over 145 different plastics closures, sifters, closure-sifter combinations, nozzles, dispensers, food and spice bottles, and jars.